CMI is the recognized leader for Grounding and Bonding products for the Pool & Spa Industry. Patented and Patent Pending products such as the JRD Rebar/Pipe Clamp are specifically designed for swimming pool construction. They quickly capture 3/8” rebar without having to take the clamp apart. Once affixed to the rebar, the installer can later roll out the continuous loop of bond wire and simply “lay in” the wire into the JRD clamp and secure it. No more having to feed long sections of wire through a hole in the clamp, or slide the clamp down a long run of wire! It is UL Listed for this purpose, and almost all inspectors are familiar with the clamp, helping obtain a fast and compliant approval on the permit.

Other products such as the patented SRC Ground Rod Clamp, can connect all size wires and all size rods, allowing only ONE Clamp to be carried on the truck for any combination wire & rod! The Stainless Steel SRC is super strong and virtually unbreakable, and furthermore, it is Made in the USA! Look for Solar Lugs in the catalog, which bond Photovoltaic Panels.


UL Listed for 3/8″ Rebar used in swimming pools


3/8″ – 3/4″ Rod Sizes
#10 – 1/0 Wire Sizes
Made in the USA


For Connecting P.V. Panels or Bonding Metal Pool Walls